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Agile Alliance annual North American conference dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. AGILE2017 brought together renowned Agile innovators, gurus and authors, thought leaders, and expert practitioners from all corners of the globe.

SDLC Members provided 8 sessions including two on the SDLC itself. Links to the sessions materials are provided below by clicking on the title of the topic. In some cases, the sessions were recorded and will require a free login to the Agile Alliance to watch the video.

Monday – Aug 7

10:45 – Who Are the People in your Agilehood – Matt Anderson (Cerner)

2:00 – Stalwarts – Steve Denning

Tuesday – Aug 8

9:00 – The final frontier: Aligning the enterprise’s direction and your crew’s efforts – Sean Barrett (Vistaprint)

10:45 – Why and how we are moving beyond the Product Owner Mindset at Riot Games – Michael Robillard, Ahmed Sidky

2:00 – Agile Development Practices Explained – Scott Densmore (Microsoft)

3:45 – The SDLC – Changing the World of Work to Create Business Agility – Matt Anderson, Steve Denning, Ahmed Sidky

Thursday – Aug 10